Elias Hj Idris
Jane Mary with Ojay Khoo and 47 others in Marburg, Germany.
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The money was transfer via banks so if it comes from the Saudi Palace then documents will sure expose otherwise is just a denial The attorney-general’s decision to clear Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak of wrongdoing today will do little to solve Najib’s “political problems”, think tank Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) said....Sarawak Report and WSJ now have to come out with strong evidence in their possession to support what they have published ..Let them dig and we see see see then decide ...ZETI now must show how the money was transfer in and taken out..The PAC now need to say what they found from the money trail....(39) Channel NewsAsia
https://www.facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia/videos/1002703036419040/. Will Saudi royal family keep mum if AG lied? - Malaysiakini
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