Elias Hj Idris
*The question now is, if Najib Razak returned all the donation money in August 2013 how come he was still receiving millions in December 2014 and February 2015?

"Given the fact that the AG has done his job as well, and confirmed the suspicions of Malaysians that he will throw away the case by usurping the role of judge and jury, we all can conclude that the conspiracy to white-wash the prime minister under the eyes of the law is nearing its end.

There were so many holes in the AG’s statement this morning that any thinking Malaysians are baffled with its audacity in trying to de-criminalise the prime minister.

For instance, the AG did not say who the ‘donor’ was or why did the AG say Najib Razak only used USD61 million when in the recent Umno General Assembly, he claimed he has used all of USD681 million (RM2.6 billion) for UMNO? It seems Najib returned most of the ‘donation’ in August 2013, a few months after he received it.

“Furthermore, in August 2013, a sum of US$620 million (out of US$681 million) was returned by YAB PM to the Saudi royal family because the sum was not utilised.”

Now who told a lie, Najib or the AG? Can we accept a lying PM and a lying AG?
How was the balance USD61 million utilised? Did he use it for himself or for UMNO? And why did he return a ‘donation’? Nobody we know returned a given donation before. Why didn’t he utilise all of it for the needy in UMNO in a more transparent manner?

And if nothing was wrong, why did the bosses in SRC International run away and became fugitives?

These are just a few questions posed by the people.

But what perplexed us the most is the AG’s final paragraphs on the RM42 million banked into Najib’s personal accounts:

There are no evidence to show that YAB PM had any knowledge and/or was informed that monies had been transferred into his personal accounts from the account of SRC International;

There are no evidence to show that YAB PM had given any approval for the transfer of monies from the account of SRC International into his personal accounts; and
Evidence show that at all material times, YAB PM was of the belief that all payments which were made by him were made from the donation received from the Saudi royal family which was earlier transferred to his personal accounts.

Based on the facts and evidence as a whole, I, as the public prosecutor, am satisfied that no criminal offence has been committed by YAB PM in relation to the three investigation papers. I will return the relevant investigation papers to MACC today with the instruction to close the three investigation papers.

It seems this public officer named Najib Razak does not know/realise/have no knowledge that the money he received was from SRC International, because he never gave any approval for the transfer from SRC International into his personal accounts.

Plus the statement said, Najib Razak thought all money received in his personal bank accounts, including the RM42 million was from ‘donation money’ from the ‘Saudi royal family’. He himself admitted receiving RM42 million in an affidavit.

*The question now is, if Najib Razak returned all the donation money in August 2013 how come he was still receiving millions in December 2014 and February 2015?

The transactions authenticated by MACC and sighted by Wall Street Journals are illustrated as below:

In summary, RM42 million was credited in stages:
RM27 million on 26 December 2014
RM5 million on 27 December 2014
RM10 million on 10 February 2015

So what happened to the RM42 million? From where did Najib Razak get that RM42 million? Where did it go? To who and on what was it spent on? The AG’s statement is silent on this one. The figure RM42 million was not even mentioned in the statement. It is almost deliberately left unsaid. Is it because it is the most toxic? In this regard, how could the AG asked the MACC to close the investigation papers?

Najib Razak and his sycophants are the laughing stock of this nation. The cabinet ministers are the laughing stock among the people. Malaysia is the laughing stock of the world. The institutions to safeguard the check and balances are not functioning well; and the sycophants are proud of it. We are deep in uncharted waters."

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