Elias Hj Idris
Few decades ago, not far back, just as across history, from Romans, Greeks and Byzantines of the past, to the French, British, Italians and the current power of the USA - in my humble opinion, the USA = United Satanic Association - of the modern era, our region was subdued, ruled and divided, our brave men and women, patriot heroes embraced the national duty of fighting and resisting western colonialism - England, France and Italy, across the entire Arab world region, it was as it is now, driven from a natural instinct of call for freedom, liberation from injustices to achieve dignified and secured equal living conditions - it was disorganized, non coordinated and no regional communication amongst the leaders of the -then- revolutions, the colonials excelled in stealing, robbing, migrating the national wealth of our region - not even our antiques of prehistoric times escaped their vandalism - they mastered methods of killing, torture, and exiling the intellects, and all sorts of crimes against our nation, all this and more, was under the cover of: 'Mandate for Transformation and Building of nations' - we all know well what happened in Algeria, Tunisian, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, and the Gulf in resisting and fighting the western colonialism ... the countless of souls who won martyrdom - I pray God will grant us the martyrdom of those who welcomed the bullets of western colonials in their chests - Amen.


The revolutions were chaotic, disorganized, non communicated and non coordinated amongst the revolutionists across the region, they did not give any attention for the Re-unification, destruction of the created borders by the colonials, nor for the formation and the re-affirmation of the 'One Nation Identity' instead, we have become a 'One Nation' 22 states - each praising its revolution leader, each signing its own national anthem, each claiming its own identity and national interests - above all - they all jointly - created independent 'Constitution Based on Western Secularism' [at least they are united in this] - leaving behind the BEST constitution of them all - The Constitution of Allah s.w. and His most Beloved Man - Mohammad s.a.w .. The QURAN AND THE SUNNAH.

Our region gained its sought after independence - freedom? And realized its most desired self rule - at the account of 'Divisions, Isolations' and the 22 'States' base, 22 flags & 22 national anthems, 22 currencies, 22 - ONE secular constitutions - This came with the 'Personalized States'.

Turk's fate... always the losers

Libya does not belong to the Arabs but it belongs to Moammar Qaddafi; Kuwait belongs to the Al Sabah family; Jordan belongs to the king Talal & Abdullah the 1st family; Syria belongs to the Assad family; Qatar to Bin Hamad; Morocco to Al Hasan family... the worse of them all is: the what was Arabian peninsula - now is Saudi - in relation to the Al Saud family - and what was The East Jordan now is known as: The Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan - in relation to the ruling family who are claiming to belonging to the Bani Hashim family decedents of Nabi Mohammad s.a.w and so is the Al Hasan of Morocco - maybe Nabi Mohammad s.a.w. and Bani Hashim were Jews - maybe we will live to see a Bible speaking of Mohammad s.a.w being a Jew so as to justify the claim of these 2 families belonging to HIM s.a.w.

All this paved the way for the continuation of western colonialism over our region - but in a different 'outlook', the difference though is significant: Western colonialism used its personal presence and the use of its own armies - while now they use their policies - 'Imposed Secularism' - and the 'One global Economic Ruling & Governning System' - One World System/Order through the so called Arab rulers and government of the Arab - Muslim world.

So, did our region really effectively achieved its acclaimed 'Independence & Self Rule'? To answer this question let us look at the following scenarios;

What are the pillars that makes complete, comprehensive and 100% effective independence and self rule?

The answer is the following:

1. Unity amongst the ONE nation, this unity in one border, one economic system, one currency, one policy, one ruler, one flag, one national anthem, one nation's national resources - national resources belongs to the nation.

2. One internal and external policy.

3. One constitution - based on the rules, laws and regulation of the Quran and the Sunnah of Nabi Mohammad s.a.w.

4. One strong government that rules and governs by the rules, laws and regulation of our pure religion, is able to make its own decisions for the sole and pure interests, benefits and the added values to the nation.

The comparisons of the above pillars with the situations and scenarios of our Arab region, we are faced with exactly the opposite of everything, governments and rulers who 'claim ownership' of the country which they are ruling, the nation feels that it even goes beyond ownership of the country to telling the nation: the Rulers and Governments are directly and indirectly saying: 'We are doing you a great favour for letting you live in this country...' it is either us or your death. Ruling systems and constitutions that are customarily designed by the western colonials aiding 'our own is better' governments - the constitution of Tunisia for example, supposedly a Muslim Arab State, is made up of 18 pages that can be put in maximum of 1 page to say: everything is forbidden upon the nation - allowed to the president and ruling party and the president rules until his death and his children inherit the presidency - nothing belongs to or owned by the nation everything belongs to and owned by the president and the ruling party, even the life of the nation itself, no opposition is permitted, no intellectuals are allowed, praise and long live our democracy and freedom of expression - while the constitution of South Africa is completely detailed 101 pages.

Arab Muslim constitutions that are designed on the basis of: Fight of Islam and removing it from the life of the nation, from the daily management and running of the country, from the courts and the government relation with its own citizens. Constitutions that are build and designed on fighting and removals of intellectuals, prohibition of oppositions, prejudicing nations from dignified living while awarding and dedicating the nations resources in the hands of the selected few, creating two classes of citizens: One - the selected very few - having and enjoying everything and; One - having and may I say: Enjoying 'nothing'. Above all this, these governments are imposing and forcing their presence and governing systems on their nation - using every unthoughtful method, mechanism, tactics, ways and means to impose themselves.

Barrack Obama while in Kenya

Partners in Crime

It is natural to see the rest of the Arab regimes issuing statements of solidarity and support for the ailing regime, they are all for one and one for all - partners in crimes against their - supposedly - own nation, regimes employed members and active participants of this - 'One universal government - one world system/order... look at the 'One USA dollar note - the Pyramid - the Triangle and the Eye in the middle of the triangle - read what is written above the eye and under the pyramid - this very same is constructed on the 'military headquarters of the monkeys state' in Tell-Aviv.

All that mentioned above lead us to the following conclusions:

1. The Arab governments and rulers are nothing but 'only a extended' Western colonialism.

2. The rulers of the Arab world are 'paid up mercenaries' by the 'One Universal Government' - one world system/order.

3. If the current -so called- revolutions across the Middle East are NOT properly communicated, orchestrated and coordinated, then the possibilities of the region being up in one of the following two scenarios are very extremely high;

Scenario A:
Another form of 'local colonialism' similar to the one being toppled.

Scenario B:
A regional war involving the 'Monkeys State' occupying Palestine, USA, EU on the one part and the Arab Muslim world on the other part. Scenario B is almost definite more likely to happen if we are to see the toppling of regimes of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Al Saud and Yemen. These are 'key' members of the 'One Universal Government'  - One World System in the Middle East Arab - Muslim world.

Libyan forces that join the crowd!


The ideology of  'One Universal Government' - One World System/Order is not a system of social stability, social equality nor any form of social justices - it is a system of the very selected few - system of the 'New era of Colonialism - where colonialism is imposed by the 'Local Government - Ruling Party and President/King - by the very same sons, daughters and children of the very same nation against their very own - this makes it appear to be: 'Local is Better'... independence on the surface - while colonialism in the brain cells, heart, blood and nerves system [constitutions, economic, military/police and intelligence systems].

Although, the revolts that are happening in our region should erupt in the rest of the world, as these revolts concern the entire world and human life - not only concerns our region, this revolt is not against a regime in our region, but it is a revolt against: 'The One Universal Government' - One World System/Order regime that is enslaving the nations across our globe.

So, are we going to see and witness universal uprising against this 'satanic' regime [One Universal Government' - One World System /Order? Are we going to witness and live a war between the forces of justice, right and good against the forces of evil across our region/world? Are we going to live and witness the 'shift' of power and control from the hands of the selected few economists to the hands of the masses in our region and the rest of the world?

Indications are: it is starting, when the masses of the rest of the world are going to see cause and obey the call?

As God says: Tomorrow is 'near' so wait in anticipation.
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