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Saturday, 05 December 2015 22:20

Slain DPP's Pro-Najib Brother Raises More questions 

Written by Mariam Mokhtar

The quest to find the person(s) responsible for Anthony Kevin Morais' gruesome murder has taken on a bizarre twist, with a public display of sibling rivalry.

The moment Kevin's younger brother, Richard, opened his mouth, all credibility fell out of the window. The nation was united with the Morais family, in grief, for the death of Kevin, who had been the deputy public prosecutor (DPP) of the Malaysian Attorney General's Chambers.

Efforts to find Kevin's killer(s) were continuing, but when Richard said, "I want to defend Kevin and my prime minister's dignity...", he tarnished the image of his brother's memory, by alluding to Najib Razak.

Does Richard not read the news, and understand that public sentiment is against Najib? The nation is reeling from Najib's economic policies, his silence over the 1MDB scandal, the unanswered questions about the Altantuya murder, the internal cracks in Umno Baru and the RM2.6 billion "donation".

Does Richard have to sully his brother's image by saying, in the same breath, that he had to protect Najib's dignity? Apart from looking extremely foolish, and a sycophant, Richard shows his stupidity.

Would Najib have done the same, if the circumstances had been reversed? What is Richard's motive for defending Najib's "dignity"? Other critics may claim, that Najib has no dignity left, to defend.

In life, Kevin faced some of his fiercest legal opponents. In death, he suffered a violent and sickening end, which shocked the nation. Having disappeared 12 days earlier, his body was eventually found in a concrete-filled oil drum, which had been dumped in a swamp.

Before he returned to America, where he resides, another brother, Charles Suresh Morais, claimed that Kevin had probably died because he “knew too much” about those in power.

Charles had signed a 19-page Statutory Declaration (SD), in which he claimed that Kevin had sent him a pen drive, which “clearly and unequivocally revealed the investigations which Kevin had been working on, just before his death."

With the pen drive safe in America, Charles also claimed that Kevin had told him that the case, which he was working on, had involved powerful individuals.

Did Richard have to publicly challenge Charles over the SD and urge the authorities to arrest his brother, Charles under SOSMA? Why is Richard desperate to get Charles out of the way?

More importantly, why did Richard remove Kevin's body from the mortuary, and have it cremated?

Richard claimed that he could not bear the thought of Kevin lying in the mortuary for 70 days.
He said, "It was embarrassing to keep Kevin’s body there for so long based on your (Charles’) judgement. You don’t own Kevin. We all don’t own Kevin. He is already dead; we should have cremated him a long time ago”.

Whilst Richard is correct to say, that no one 'owns' Kevin's body, Charles suspected the veracity of the autopsy, and was arranging for a second post-mortem.
At a press conference, held at the office of his lawyer, Americk Sidhu, Charles said that he feared that the stated cause of death, "probable suffocation" would enable Kevin's alleged murderers, to be acquitted.

Charles said, "The cause of death is a one-liner, 'probable suffocation'. There were no marks on the body.
"I wanted to laugh. The charge will be thrown out."

So, Richard has acted suspiciously, by rem........... (Note: As usual, this file already disappeared!)
The quest to find the person(s) responsible for…
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