Elias Hj Idris

Today the international media specially western media - they are saying that..."All muslims are not terrorist but all terrorist are muslim."

But if you go back to the history of the world you will find 100% falsehood in this statement. For example, in the history of the world who has killed a maximum of innocent human beings.

1) Adolf Hitler

Do you know who was he? He was a Christian. But media will never say that Christians are terrorist.

2) Joseph Stalin (called as Uncle Joe)

He has killed 20 million human beings including 14.5 million who were starved to death. Was he Muslim?

3) Mao Tze Dong (China)

He has killed 14 - 20 million human beings. Was he muslim?

4) Benito Mussolini (Italy)

He has killed 400,000 human beings. Was he muslim?

5) Asoka (India)

In Kalinga battle he has killed 100,000 human beings. Was he muslim?

6) Embargo Put By President George Bush (United States of America)

In Iraq alone 1/2 million children has been killed. Imagine that this people were never called terrorist by the media. Why?

And Added...

When America takes 1 million lives in Iraq for oil: were they muslims?

When India kills 500,000 lakhs people in Kashmir, rape their women: were they muslims?

When Serbs rape Muslim women in Kosovo/Bosnia: were they muslims?

When Russians killed 200,000 Chechens in bombings: were they muslims?

When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land: were the Jews muslims?

When American drones kill entire family in Afghanistan/Pakistan: were they muslims?

When Israel kills 10,000 Lebanese civilians due to 2 missing soldiers: were they muslims?

As muslims retaliate and show you how did you treat us: "terrorism?"

It seems like the word "terrorism" is only reserved for muslims.

There are millions and millions of muslims all over the world since centuries, if Islam encourage terrorism and kills the innocence, everyone will be finished. Today the majority of non-Muslims are afraid by the words of 'jihad'.
'Jihad' is an Arabic word which comes from root of Arabic word, 'jahad' which means 'to strive' or 'to struggle'.
To strive or to struggle' against evil and for justice, it does not mean killing innocents. The difference is that we stand against evil, not with evil. 

Please inform to a maximum of people as possible so that they'll know the truth.

-  A.C

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