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As reported by The Australian’s Caroline Overington:
What may be alarming to the oligarchs and fraudsters who have laundered money in a manner similar to that outlined (in the DOJ complaint with regards 1 MDB) is the fact some of the red flags were sent up not by whistleblowers but from nervous bankers who had to handle the transactions in a new regulatory climate. “This is something: how can you send hundreds of millions of dollars with documentation, you know, nine million here, twenty million there, no signatures on the bill … I mean it’s ridiculous!” said one in a email that is now ­before the New York judge. Then,there are the bankers who can be tempted to be whistleblowers,given the promise of a RM 120 million from the US Government.
All this makes the bank accounts of PM Najib, and BN leaders, their friends and associates practically naked.
1 MDB : Promise of a RM 120 million reward makes AMBank and ANZ boards vulnerable to whistleblowers
by Ganesh Sahathevan

There is likely to be more than one AMBank employee who is aware of this and related transactions
ANZ’s former CEO Mike Smith who led the bank’s Asian expansion would know from the time he spent at HSBC in Kuala Lumpur that Malaysians in general are always (and I mean always) on the look out for a deal to at least supplement meager incomes, if not get rich quick.
Given that deal making propensity ,news of the the SEC’s recently reported USD 22 million payout (RM 88 million) to a whistle blower ,the largest this year and second only to its record payout of USD 30 million (RM 120 million) will prove too much for AMBank staff to resist.
Given the central role that AMBank and its ANZ led management played in the 1 MDB theft, which the US Justice Department described as the biggest case of kleptocracy ,fraud and theft it has ever seen, AMBank staff can be expected to have already done the math and determined that speaking to the SEC might well set them up for life.
David Gonski and ANZ’s AMBank money laundering problem has gotten even worse.
END Whistleblower Gets $22 Million From SEC in Second-Biggest Award
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is giving $22 million, its second biggest payout ever, to a corporate insider who helped the regulator uncover a well-hidden fraud.
The whistleblower provided a “detailed tip and extensive assistance” that helped the SEC stop illicit conduct at the individual’s employer, according to a statement released Tuesday. The agency didn’t provide any information on the person’s identity or the company involved, citing federal law and the need to protect confidentiality.
The award was the largest since a $30 million payment announced in 2014. Whistleblowers are eligible for payouts if they voluntarily provide the SEC with unique information that leads to a successful enforcement action. Compensation can range from 10 percent to 30 percent of the money collected in a case beyond $1 million. The SEC said it has awarded more than $100 million since the inception of its whistle-blower program in 2011.
“Company employees are in unique positions behind-the-scenes to unravel complex or deeply buried wrongdoing,” said Jane Norberg, acting chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower. “Without this whistleblower’s courage, information, and assistance, it would have been extremely difficult for law enforcement to discover this securities fraud on its own.”
Posted 31st August 2016 by Anonymous

Najib’s Mega-Payments – Time For Explanations MORE EXCLUSIVE DATA

Extended data from task force investigations into payments from Prime Minister Najib Razak’s 1MDB-funded AmBank accounts has now been received by Sarawak Report. It shows that a number of companies and individuals received very large sums indeed, usually through a series of payments from the Prime Minister. Given it has been confirmed by the US Dept of Justice and local task force investigations that this money originated from thefts from 1MDB, it is time these entities explained the reason why they were paid. Sarawak Report has already listed payments to Najib’s family, his close lawyer contact Shafee Abdullah, Sarawak crony Bustari Yusuf, UMNO HQ and allied political parties. We have also highlighted the evidence that millions in cash were also extracted and presumably circulated to various entities. What about these further companies and individuals?

Centre For Strategic Engagement (CENSE)

Off-line since our previous expose
In our original article featuring the agency CENSE (Centre for Strategic Engagement) we identified RM1.3 million paid to them by Najib. Since then their website has been down, undergoing ‘maintenance’. However, further figures now obtained show that the company and also its individual directors received much more substantial payments in the time period 2012-15.
The company also set up a Chinese business radio station under the CENSE trademark, which also received payment from Najib:

The strategic engagement appears to have included broadcasting ‘business new’s on a business radio station
Director Soong Fui Kiun received a number of direct payments in her own name from Najib’s account number 2112022009694, including RM1.5 million on 22/10/12 and RM1 million on 11/1/13. She received a further two payments of RM1 million on 14th March and 18th April 2013, making a total of RM4.5 million received in her own name.

Extensive work for Najib Razak
A further ten separate payments to CENSE itself between October 2012 and February 2015 from the same account totalled RM6.75 million, including a half million ringgit payment to CENSE Media. Rita Sim, Sim Sai Hoon, received a personal payment of RM1.2 million 4th April 2012.

Election Goodies?

Other companies, who seem to be in the occupation of providing so-called ‘election goodies’, including handout packs, satchels and so forth, also received much more than originally realised. The company Solar Shine Sdn Bhd received 35 payments between February 2012 and February 2015 totalling a staggering RM117 million. Red Bag Industry Sdn Bhd received 15 payments in the run up to the election totalling RM13.28 million. Another communications company named MASCOM Communications received nine payments during the pre-election period totalling RM15.4 million. Likewise, an outfit named Orb Solutions Sdn Bhd, which is run by an employee from Najib’s own office and a senior executive from Astro satellite TV. Sarawak Report has already revealed the company receieved RM68 million, according to the same figures. Jakel Trading, on the other hand, is a luxury furnishing shop that indicates more personal spending. Sarawak Report has obtained further figures which show that Najib paid the store a whopping RM44 million. Likewise, the Prime Minister paid a total of RM17 million to the Yayasan Rahah Foundation, which was established by his mother. Once again, this money came from the accounts funded by money taken from 1MDB.

Semarak Konsortium Satu Sdn Bhd

Malaysians ought surely to be interested to know the function and purpose of another company to which the Prime Minister forwarded no less than 38 payments during the same period totalling RM23 million. Semarak Konsortium Satu Sdn Bhd is controlled by the Director and 50% shareholder of the company, Mohd Omar Bin Mustapha alongside Rozita Binti Ramelan, who appears to be his wife:

Owners of
Sarawak Report has already identified Omar bin Mustapha as a key provider of speeches for Najib through his company Ethos Consulting. SR previously exposed this operative;s connections with the PetroSaudi Director Tarek Obaid and his brother Nawaf Obaid in a clear black propaganda campaign that was waged against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in the United States during 2010. However, the payments to Semarak Konsortium were later, between March 2011 and February 2014. So, what were Omar and his wife being paid for this time out of 1MDB money? Another chap connected to Najib’s Office also appeared to receive several repeat cheques. This was Mohamad Fatmi Che Salleh, who is described in Wikipedia as “one of the longest serving Political Secretaries to the Deputy Prime Minister (Then) and Prime Minister of Malaysia”. This plainly trusted worker, who is also senior within UMNO in Kota Bharu, received six separate payments from Najib’s later account 2112022011906 funded by SRC totalling RM1.9 million. The property developer Lim Soon Peng also received more payments than previously recorded, according to our now extended figures. There were nine separate payments totalling just over RM3 million. What for?

More election expenses

The company Brandworth Corp. received a RM6.5 million cheque on 3rd May 2013 and earlier RM5.69 million on 8th April. According to blogger RPK, who owns and runs the Malaysia Today website, “Brandworth Corporation is a company that managed Barisan Nasional’s media strategy in the previous general election”. RPK claims Brandworth was raided by the MACC in October 2015, presumably not least because it had been secretly funded by Najib from stolen 1MDB cash.

Pushing messages via social media
Another company to get multi-million ringgit payments from the same accounts during the same period was Media Link Direct, which received five payments between March and April 2013 totalling RM10.5 million. This company specialises in pushing materials online to social media, which is a handy election tool. Again Najib helped himself to 1MDB money to fund this advantage that was not available to the opposition parties operating within the funds they could legitimately raise. Another high earner, apparently within the same field at the same time, was the company Zeal High Tech Solutions, which received RM4.5 million 2nd April 2014 and RM9 million 29th March. Zeal is also in the business of pumping messages through social media, presumably part of Najib’s ‘Cyber-warfare’, funded by theft:
” Zeal’s speciality is what we call Customized Information Delivery OR CID systems. CID systems allows you to customize and deliver the information you want to your target audience, knowing full well that that you are delivering the exact information your target audience needs.”
A number of politicians pop up in the list as receiving cheques here and there. Sarawak’s Jacob Sagan received a standard hand out of RM200,000, whereas Richard Riot got RM100,000. Ahmad Maslan on the other hand got a handsome RM1 million.

Director General of Military Intelligence!

There are other names and companies on the list, but one in particular stands out. On 8th of April 2013 Najib Razak paid a check to ‘Ketua Pengarah Perisikan Pertahanan’ (DPPP), for a handsome RM7 million.
Perhaps Lt General Datuk Abdul Hadi Bin Haji Hussin, who occupies the role, could explain why this service was receiving a personal cheque from the Prime Minister (paid out of 1MDB’s stolen money) just a month before the last election?

Pouring money and resources into BN’s election campaign – stolen from 1MDB… but what exactly for? – SARAWAK REPORT
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