Elias Hj Idris

                              Secret path of MH370 to somewhere...

This is the flight path of MH370 in red, there has been enought reports of people seeing radar avoiding low flying airliner from Kelantan to the Maldives, the question is the flight path did proof the plane is "flown by intention" to avoid Indonesia and why? Because to fly a jumbo jet low one need to avoid mountaneous terrain or risk a crash on to the mountains., its very dangerous to fly low over Indonesia, radar detection not withstanding.

So in plain understanding whether MH370 is piloted by a human or being remotely flown by "someone" and fly it like a drone the pattern is very clear of a hijacked plane that headed to somewhere along the Indian ocean, the thing is these are the possibilities.

- Flown remotely by someone to Diego Garcia.
- No one hijack but pilot is sabotaging and crashed running out of fuel (very unlikely).
- Remotely controlled by "someone" to Diego Garcia, refueled and then left the based to somewhere.
- Being remotely flown to Diego Garcia and then kept hidden (Diego Garcia got underground hangar)
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